Gabs believes in capturing the sound that the artist and producer are hearing, right there in the room.


Gabs has learned his craft on analog equipment from hooking up mixing consoles to two track machines as a teenager to his first 4 track multitrack machine in the 1990’s.


He then embraced the digital revolution by getting his first protools rig in the year 2000 but kept going back to his analog roots, working on consoles by Sountracs, Amek, Neotek and SSL.


He is still a fan of tape recording for some projects and is a meticulous but intrepid user of various mixing techniques.






I strive to get the sound the artist and producer envisage and what suits the song best. I am a fan of analog recording but also embrace the best that digital has to offer. 




I will mix your project following your vision and directions. I will then pass on the track to you for revision (email or FTTP correspondence for overseas or interstate clients). Upon revision you will give me the changes you desire and I will create a new mix update and we will go back and forth within logical reason until you are satisfied with the results. 


There are two ways I work depending on the project at hand. 

  1. Full in the box with analog summing (easier to make changes, especially for interstate or overseas artists, not in the room with me)

  2. Mixing OTB (on the board) I will mix a hybrid system running protools through a console like Chapel Lane Studio's SSL duality or Disk Edits mixing room using great outboard equipment. 


If I am contracted as a producer then I will work hard and very close with the artist on pre-production, looking at song structures, tempos, orchestration, arrangements and work the best plan to track, edit and mix in the most cost effective time frame, without jeopardizing the quality of the project.



Focusrite RED 8Pre interface, Avid HD Native thunderbolt, Slate Raven MTI Mixer., Sountracs CM4400 console, Apple computer, Neumann KH310A Monitors, Tannoy Reveal active monitors and Avantone Cubes monitors. Midas XL48 pre's, Focusrite RED 8 pre's. Sennheiser MKH8020 pair, MKH8040 pair, e906, Line Audio OM1 pair and CM3 pair, ADK 51, Beyer M88 Dynamic, Heil PR30, Lewitt drum pack, AKG and NUDE Stereo Ribbon. Korg Triton 61, Novation 61 Impulse, Takamine MP15C acoustic GTR, Fender 50th Annyversary American Deluxe Strat GTR, Fender Hearthfield GTR, Alhambra classical GTR, Custom Made Hollow body Telecaster copy with 3 Kidman pickups and Custom made ASH GTR, Peavey Classic 30 Amp. 


Chapel Lane Studios

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Twin Earth Studios

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Disk Edits

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House of SAP

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Protools HD Native running Pro Tools HD Ultimate, Logic Pro X, Native Instraments Komplete 13 Ultimate CE, Melodyne, Izotope Everything bundle, Slate Trigger 2, and everything bundle, HOFA IQ Bundle, Klamheln VUMT and SDRR, Waves Horizon, Manny Marroquin, One Knob bundle, CLA, Center and others.